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Badaltidunya was an innovative idea that was initially launched as an Urdu magazine with an aim to instill the spirit of debate and critical thinking onto its readers. It managed to trigger a battle of ideas by offering contending narratives on a number of socio economic issues. It tried to influence the intellectual landscape of the country by creating space for those iconoclasts whose radical views and thought provoking assertions were ignored by mainstream media and publishing outlets.

It strove to become the voice of the voiceless, raising the issues of marginalized sections of society like the toiling masses and persecuted minorities besides making efforts to forge unity among the ranks of authors and intellectuals for countering the monstrous rise of sectarianism that was not only playing havoc with the lives of ordinary Pakistanis but also tearing the social fabric of the society. The pro-people publication also projected the view of the state as a kind and sympathetic mother that loves its all sons and daughters throwing her support behind the weakest ones. The institution asserted that such a relationship between the state and its people would not only strengthen the federation but it would also bring peace and prosperity to the land of over 200 million hapless souls.

Later on, it started publishing books introducing writers and authors that believed in serving mankind through their pen. It is a non-profit entity that believes in serving masses rather than working for the voracious greed of market.

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